Brian Rice is not the Average Real Estate Broker

Part of what I do as a Licensed Real Estate Broker is to protect the interests of each side of the transaction. While acting as a Fiduciary in a Real Estate Transaction, my obligation is to provide for the very best outcome possible for the party I represent.

However, there are times when the party you owe a fiduciary responsibility to acts in a manor to dissolve that responsibility. Such as in cases of attempted fraud when the seller does not actually own, nor has standing to sell the property.

When this occurs, my responsibility is to protect the prospective victim and not allow the fraud to manifest its intended conclusion. My responsibility is also to protect the integrity of the Real Estate industry as a whole.

In one particular situation, in dealing with an international transaction, I discovered that the seller was not the owner and did not have standing to sell the property. I noticed the red flags and began to look very closely at the seller.
It turned out that the owner of the property had passed away and someone who knew the family was trying to sell the property.

I am a due diligence expert.

I guess it is because of my background in environments where extreme critical thinking is essential.
While this guy went as far as to provide forged documents to impersonate the deceased owner, because of my education, training and experience, I was able to anchor onto certain elements of the interaction to expose this cleaver player (and this guy was the most cleaver that I have run into).

I guess I'm not the average Real Estate Broker. I can cite multitudes of experiences. I love the impossible deals and situations.

This is who I am. This is what I do.

I hope you all have a great day!

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