Introducing Brian Rice

Brian is also known as the “Sifu of Sanity” and the “I get it done Guru.”


My Passion is Law and Real Estate

Hello! I am a non-attorney Legal Scholar with over nine years of undergraduate and graduate study of law. My areas of interests in the legal realm include real estate law, tort law, contract law and constitutional law.  I have performed quite a bit of legal research and writing in these areas, as well as other significant areas of jurisprudence.

Along with a master’s degree in legal studies. I hold a Florida Real Estate Broker License. I am the Owner/Broker at Real Estate Kingz LLC. While I cannot provide legal advice to clients, I use every bit of my extensive legal education to bring about the best outcomes for those I have the pleasure of dealing with.

I am also a licensed registered nurse and have enjoyed using my skills to provide crisis stabilization services to those facing psychological and drug/chemical dependency challenges.

In every professional capacity, I adhere to legal, professional and ethical standards relative to my approach to provide the best possible outcomes. In business, my interest is in 100% customer satisfaction achieved through delivery of both quality-product and respect for each client’s values and concerns. I will consider all proposals for joint ventures, and I look forward to working with you. Contact me to talk.